Camellia Marie independent escort Tokyo

Please make a reservation by the day before if possible. I will reply within 24 hours.

Available time 12PM to 12AM(Yokohama until at 11PM) Until the last train.I have not car.
It is possible to book after hours.12AM-5PM will need taxi fare. The Tokyo area costs 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen, and Yokohama area taxi costs 20,000 yen for one way.I can not go to the Narita area.

Kawasaki YOKOHAMA /Matida zone will be +5000yen. Yokohama, Minato Mirai, Zama, Atsugi, Futu,Machida SHINYOKOHAMA,are included.
Haneda area +10000yen

If you would to meet me at a Love Hotel, We can meet in a ONLY lobby or inside.Your time will start from the promised time if the time will start even if you are late.No need to book and talk for love hotels yourself. We look for a room after we meet.For love hotels,everywhere ok, I recommend meeting at Hotel Excellent Shinjyuku.

Regular Hotel:I will try to go straight to your room if I can go directly.I can leave my home after getting the room number from you.

Banned:Bareback(non-negotiable.)/Anal play (Also place a finger in the my anal)/Grab hair/Strangle my neck/Bit my nipple

Cancellation policy: Please be sure to contact me when you know that you can not come. If canceled within 24 hours, the next reservation will be charged 50%.If you do not contact me for cancellation, will not be able to make a reservation again.

That's very kind of you: Please get the exact amount ready I may not have a change.Please cut your nails.Wash penis after restroom for blow job.

What's Your Name?
What's Your Email?
What's Your Number?Use for find you or I need key
Appoiment type
Home Address or HOTEL name or Love hotel name
Room number / Do I need a key card?
Place Regular Hotel
Love Hotel
What’s your ethnicity? White
Chinese/Korea looks Asian
Middle Eastern
Black African Roots
Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam,Nepal, Laos
Others(Please write message)
Options Couple 3P +5000 YEN
Whole-Lingerie 3000 YEN
Toy 3000 YEN
Cosplay 3000 YEN
Body stocking 3000 YEN
Baby doll 3000 YEN
Negligee 3000 YEN
Garter belt high heel (Black or Gold)set 3000 YEN
Polaroid pictures (naked body parts) 2 shot 10000 YEN
Please write wish date and time few choice
Please Describe yourself a bit

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