TANDEM COURSE Requestsform

!!!From June 20 to July 3, the tandem flight reservation is not possible.!!!

Atamitouge Paraglider ordered by appointment.
Thank you for your reservation the day before the desired date.
For Internet booking, thank you to two days prior to your reservation form.

Inquiries by WEB
          After entering the reservation form below, please submit.
         24-hour reception is available.
Contact by twitter
         If you have any questions: please twitter DM.
         Official account @atamitougepara
         #atamitougepara   9:00~18:00 


Tandem flight.... 11,340yen per person

Tandem flight+Memorial photography.... 13,500yen per person

Tandem flight+Memorial photography+MicroSD.... 14,500yen per person

The price that includes insurance premium and tax.
"Jump photo" photography help is free!

★Qualification for participation★
4years old or older (the person who can run commonly)
The one where mind and body are healthy together
less than 100 kg in weight

※ Requests form the "Registration Book" will form.  The availability, Please note that reservations may be able to apply for your desired dates.  This form can be ordered with bookings accepted up to 1 days.  If you would like to book a reservation within 1 days, please contact us directly to request a time slot.
※E-mail or twitterDM and we will reply within 24 hours of confirmation of your booking.  There is no way to confirm your reservation, please contact us again, sorry.

How many people
Tandem flight menu Tandem flight(11,340yen)
Tandem flight+Memorial photography(13,500yen)
Tandem flight+Memorial photography+MicroSD(14,500yen)
Do you need the pickup from Atami Station or hotel

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