Susan Harper 2020 Application

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Workshop Continuum Depth Retreat in Mt.Koya
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Tuition(can be paid by ¥/$/£ in cash ) ¥110,000 by yen
$1000.00 by US$
Accomodation (Japanese tatami-mats room with futon mats, 2 meals/day lunch is by our own, must be paid by ¥) 10/31~11/5, (5 nights/person) ¥52,250
10/30~10/31 ¥10,450
11/5~11/6 ¥10,450
single use without toilet ¥1,100 extra/day
single use with toilet ¥4,400 extra/day
double use with toilet ¥3,300 extra/person/day
triple use with toilet ¥2,200 extra/person/day
Gender female