Myorinji Training Institution


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Myorinji Training Institution is for non Japanese speaking Nichiren shu priests and shamis living out side of Japan, so only those who are registered as foreign Nichiren shu priest and shami can join us.

If you do not meet the above requirements, we cann not accept your registration.

Please be sure to set up your email so that you can receive emails from us.

Please fill in the form below and press the [確認] button.


Your home address
Name of your temple
Name of your master
Address of your temple
Your status (You must be officially registered as a Nichiren shu priest or shami ) Officially registered Nichiren shu Priest
Officially registered Nichiren shu Shami
Years registered as a Nichiren shu Priest (Shami)
About your activities as a priest or shami
Reason for joining
What do you want to learn from us (choose 5) Basics on chanting sutra
Special ways to chant sutra
Basics on Shomyo
Special Shomyo
Sokun (Nichiren shonin words)
Daily service
Memorial service
Funeral service
Kaigen & Heigen service (open & close eyes)
Nyo & Hachi
Shasui Sange
Kenko Kenka
General blessing
Blessing in special ways
Kito blessing
Temples in Japan
Butsugu (ritual tools)
Shotenzenjin (Gods) in Japan
Japanese cultures
Shodou (Japanese calligraphy)
Shakyo (writing sutra)
Shuhosshi (Hokekyoji)
Shuhosshi (Onjuin)
Shuhosshi (Saijo Inari)
Training in Japan
SNS informations (if you have)
This is a group for learning about Nichiren shu. If we confirm any behavior that is not suitable for you as a Nichiren shu priest or shami, you will be removed from the group without notice. Accepted
Not accepted
Every priests and shami will be treated equally without discrimination in Myorinji Training Institution. Violator will be removed from the group without notice. Accepted
Not accepted
Since the member\\\'s page also contains the secret techniques of Myorinji, it is prohibited to teach the contents of the page to non-members. Accepted
Not accepted

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